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Future Logistics is an information management company that creates, implements, and manages efficient and innovative transportation - distribution solutions for the most successful retailers, printers, magazine publishers, and direct marketers in the world.

We are of a single focus in providing you with the latest technology, equipment, information, and accessibility of anyone in the business. This is what we do and it is all that we do!

PO Box 20068
Portland, OR 97294-0068

Toll Free: 800.995.6522
P:    503.416.2480
F:    503.416.2489


We bring solutions to your distribution demands. This allows you to focus on your core business without additional staff.

Information management
We keep track of all the details and make them available to you with customer customized reports accessible in whatever format fit your needs, phone, fax, email, or the world-wide-web. Information that is accurate and available in real time.

Our experienced management and staff bring cutting edge solutions crafted from nearly 100 years combined experience and continuous education.

Advanced tracking system
On line advanced tracking, delivery and confirmation status keeps you up to date, in real time.

Worldwide Contract carrier and warehouse network provides a cost competitive marketplace for your transportation – distribution needs.

Logistics Consulting
Contact us today to determine how you can improve the overall value of your transportation – distribution investment. We’ll provide you an initial strategic analysis of your current program. There is no cost to you and there is no commitment required of you.